Project Management

Aircraft transitions

  • Aircraft delivery/re-delivery management and support
    with experienced on-site technical representatives.
  • Project Management together with competent Part 145 Organisation
    (transition maintenance, modifications, cargo conversions, etc…).
  • Aircraft physical survey.
  • Aircraft records review.
  • Aircraft status reports preparation/verification.
  • Independent engines video-borescope inspections at aircraft delivery.
  • ARC review and recommendation.
  • Aircraft registration and Certificate of Airworthiness with Aviation Authorities.
  • Manufacturing observations and Technical Acceptance of the new aircraft.
  • CAMO support during aircraft storage for owners and lessors.
  • Aircraft documentation and records, storage.

Engineering and Maintenance

We manage and perform various types of engineering and maintenance projects, like:

  • Fleet planning, Aircraft specification.
  • Entry to service support.
  • Development of Maintenance Programs.
  • CAMO support for aircraft Operators or Lessors.
  • CAMO and maintenance support for aircraft on storage for Owners/Lessors.
  • Development of maintenance capabilities.
  • Development of Maintenance Contracts.

Implementation of MRO IT systems (Trax®, AMOS®, etc.)

We can provide wide range of support for your own engineering and maintenance IT system implementation projects. From individual tasks where you might be just lacking your own capacity or experience in certain areas to a complete MRO project management from system selection to implementation.

We have a deep in-house experience with Trax® system, but can provide certain support to other systems as well. Our own engineering and CAMO processes are operated on Trax®.

Our in-house Trax® specialists have been involved in several various implementations at different airlines.

We always offer crucial in-house Trax® training of your technical, logistics and management staff to use your system correctly and efficiently since the very beginning.

Build-up of aviation organizations

Based on the experience and knowledge of our staff we are keen to provide any necessary support you may need when you build, certify or re-certify your own:

  • Commercial aircraft operations (AOC).
  • Continuous Airworthiness Management Organisation (EASA Part-CAMO).
  • Maintenance Organisation (EASA Part 145).
  • Maintenance Training Organisation (EASA Part 147).

We have been directly and repeatedly involved in these activities not just for ourselves, but for a number of our customers, too.