Asset Management

We are helping aircraft owners, managers and lessors with:

  • Aircraft Sale/Purchase.
  • Aircraft Marketing.
  • Aircraft Leasing.
  • Aircraft Storage.
  • Aircraft Dismantling.

Our services typically cover:

  • Aircraft specification support.
  • Aircraft delivery management (incl. production observations) .
  • Aircraft transitions management (deliveries/re-deliveries).
  • Pre-purchase inspections and aircraft technical evaluations.
  • Midterm Lease audits, pre-delivery inspections and reporting.
  • Lease Contract Evaluation.
  • Lease Out & In Management.
  • Aircraft Repossessions.
  • Maintenance Reserves calculations.
  • Liaison with Aviation Authorities
    (registration/de-registration, permit to fly, etc…).
  • Technical contracts evaluation, recommendations on selection of maintenance provider
    (airframe, engines, APU, landing gears, components, …).
  • Performance evaluation of maintenance providers.
  • Maintenance Invoice verification and costs control.
  • On-site technical representatives during maintenance checks, major modifications, conversions.
  • Logistics management.
  • Vendor selection for parts & management of technical purchasing.

Aircraft Engines

  • Contract evaluation (transfer of title, lease, maintenance).
  • Engines deliveries/re-deliveries.
  • Borescope Inspections, video BSI.
  • Engines line maintenance, preservations and storage.
  • Engine Trend Monitoring (EGTM).
  • LLP Tracking.
  • AD, SB Evaluation.
  • Management of engine overhauls and repairs.
    (Shop Visit preparation, work scope recommendations, table inspections, costs control, invoice verification, etc…).